They’re spanking new, they’re super-cool, and they’re ready to bolt-on your 2015 and later Indian Scout motorcycle. Samson’s all new Staggered Longtail slip-on mufflers for Scout are designed and manufactured to turn the Indian Motorcycle Companies Little Big-Twin into a deep breathing torque machine. The staggered Longtail look will turn heads too! These high style IN-165 Longtails are endowed with removable high performance baffles, and look as good as they function. The baffles are removable to allow the rider to go loud, or ride stealthy.  Expect as much a 20% increase in horsepower, and a marked improvement in fuel economy. Traditional Samson quality and performance are vested in every Samson exhaust system.  Look to Samson Exhaust for innovative exhaust systems for the modern Indian motorcycle. For more information about this and other world famous, high performance Samson Exhaust products please see your local Samson Exhaust dealer or contact Samson direct by calling 1-888-5 SAMSON.  IN-165 Scout Longtails MSRP starting at $449.95-$549.95 Are you a Samson rider?