FL4-557 a

Does your Bagger need a “passing” gear? Bolt on a bucket load of extra ponies with Samson’s FL4-557 True Dual Cross-Under exhaust system. This True Dual exhaust system with low restriction 39 inch slip-on Longtail mufflers has performance enhancing bends which produce phenomenal lower end torque. More horsepower across the power-band allows you to pass those slow poke trucks even on steep grades. The front cylinder exhaust pipe dumps on the left rear of the motorcycle, while the rear exhaust pipe dumps at the right rear. this design results in a cooler running motor, and a cooler more comfortable ride for both the rider and passenger. All Samson exhaust systems have been designed and tuned to produce maximum horsepower, torque, and awesome sound. removable baffles means you can tune the sound to your liking! MSRP Starting at $989.95 This system is ready to bolt on right out of the box. Are you a Samson rider?

Cross-Under Exhaust systems are available for most 2010 to 2015 Harley Davidson Touring and Road King applications