Kevin Jager’s 2004 FLH

Kevin Jager’s 2004 FLH with Samson Powerflow III exhaust system!

Does your 2004 Harley-Davidson Bagger seem to be a little tired? Has the “get up and go” “got up and Left? If so, you may be able to spruce up performance a little with a new exhaust system. For as long as this writer can remember, Samson exhaust systems have been arguably the most popular exhaust products on the market today. As this is written, the Samson True Dual “Mini Cholos” are in very high demand, not just in Southern California but all over the USA. Quality, style, power and sound is what the customer gets with every Samson exhaust system. Installed here is Samson’s C2-311 two-into-one Powerflow III header with muffler. This exhaust system can be had with a high performance baffle, or a “decibel killer’ baffle for those wanting a quiet baritone sound! It is replacing an existing aftermarket pipe. Following the installation, a five plus horsepower increase was seen on the dyno, which was five horsepower more than the existing aftermarket pipe. A somewhat larger increase would have been seen if the Samson system was replacing a stock pipe. With the other modifications made subsequent to the exhaust system install, this formerly tired 2004 Harley-Davidson FLH is now making 110 horsepower with 126 foot pounds of torque. Torque is the passing gear of internal combustion motors. Installing an exhaust system is simple and straight forward. Common hand tools are used. It is recommended that the exhaust gaskets be replaced when swapping or installing new pipes.

Step 1

Loosen the hardware holding the right foot-board in position. Remove the foot-board and rotate the foot-board mount out of the way.

Step 2

Loosen the rear mount hardware holding the existing exhaust system in place. Then loosen and remove the flange nuts, and flanges holding the head pipes in place.

Step 3

Loosen and remove the nut and bolt that attaches the existing pipe to the transmission support bracket.

Step 4

The existing exhaust system can now be dismounted from the motor.

Step 5

The existing exhaust system bracket can now be dismounted from the transmission end-cover.

Step 6

With the exhaust system removed, use this opportunity to clean and inspect the right side of the motor!

Step 7

Use a pick to remove the existing exhaust gaskets being careful not to scratch or damage the exhaust port surfaces.

Step 8

Kevin is using a homemade tool to install a new Samson A-144 exhaust gasket in the front cylinder exhaust port.

Step 9

The rear cylinder exhaust port also receives a next exhaust gasket.

Being a carburetor aspirated motorcycle, sensors are not used. The O2 sensor ports must be plugged using Samson 18mm plugs.

Slip the exhaust flange onto the exhaust pipe with the indentation facing the toward the exhaust port as shown.

Slip the exhaust flange retention clip into place on the using the appropriate flange pliers tool!

Samson Install16

Install the Samson exhaust support bracket onto the transmission end cover and tighten the hardware!

Samson Install17

Fit the exhaust head pipes into position on the motor while installing the flanges onto the exhaust port studs!

Samson Install18

Install the flange nuts onto the exhaust port studs and tighten equally to finger tight. Final tightening will be done after the muffler is mounted.

Samson Install19

Install the Samson muffler mount bracket, muffler mount hardware and tighten.

Samson Install20

Return to the exhaust flange hardware and do a final tightening.

Samson Install21

Return to the muffler mount hardware and do a final tightening. Make sure ALL the muffler mount hardware is tight prior to starting the motor.

Samson Install22

Perform a a thorough wipe-down of the exhaust pipes prior to installing the heat shields.

Samson Install23

Install the heat shield clamps into the rear cylinder exhaust-pipe heat-shield as shown with the screw heads facing towards the rear to allow access for tightening.

Samson Install24

Install the front exhaust-pipe heat-shield with the clamp positioned as shown. Then tighten the clamps on both heat shields.

Samson Install25

Check all heat shield clamps twice to be sure the upper heat shield clamps are tight.

Samson Install26

Re-install the right side rider foot-board and tighten the hardware, and you’re done! Prior to starting the motor perform a thorough wipe-down on both heat shields.

Samson Install01

Hit the road Jack with your new Samson Exhaust systems. Time to go blow the doors off a Softail or two!