IN-164 rite side w drop in black


The other shoe has dropped. Samson Silver Bullet high-performance slip-on mufflers with Longtail tips for hard-bag equipped Indian Roadmaster and Chieftain model Big-Twins are now available. Samson IN-164 slip-on mufflers have the ever popular Longtail style, and the deep thunder exhaust note bikers love. Count coup with Samson’s IN-164 four-inch super-flow slip-ons, and expect as much as a 20% increase on both torque and horsepower with famous Samson sound. These mufflers can be installed quickly and easily with common hand tools. Samson IN-164’s have non removable Longtail tips and low restriction, high performance baffles. Silver Bullets for Indian are just what the medicine man ordered for high speed touring on your new Indian motorcycle. Silver Bullet IN-164 for Indian are available in either show-chrome or Samson’s Sinister Black ceramic finish. For more information about this and other high performance Samson products please see your local Samson dealer or contact Samson direct by calling 1-888-5 SAMSON. MSRP starting at $829.95. Are you a Samson rider?