Samson Super Cholos are longest slip-on muffler available in the Samson Longtail line-up.  Kenny Price founder of Samson Exhaust created this modern version of the Classic Fishtail exhaust tip more than 14 years. Samson Longtails continue to grow in popularity to this day across the spectrum of today’s motorcycle riders. Samson’s distinctive sound and style may prove to be the most popular muffler design of all time. And yes, Longtail mufflers can improve performance and much a 20 percent when install on a properly tuned motor. Dyno results don’t lie! Samson Longtail slip-on mufflers are available in a complete package which includes head-pipes (Fits Samson Softail True Dual Head Pipes Part  S-400, S2-400 or S3-400) or sold separately to be installed on your existing head pipes. Longtail part number S-298 42″ slip-on mufflers are available for all Softail applications 1986 to 2015. For all further information see your local Samson dealer or call  Samson direct at 1-888-5 SAMSON. MSRP starting at $449.95.

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