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B-Stock is hot to go! From Choppers to Baggers, if you’re shopping for a high quality set of pipes at rock bottom prices, the best place to shop is Samson Exhaust’s “B” Stock line-up. B-Stock items are new and unused Samson products that may have small imperfections (dings, dents and blemishes), or are simply over stocked and must be sold. Think of Samson’s B-Stock section as the online swap meet of exhaust systems. The good old days when a biker could a get a real deal are back! Riding season is here, and B-Stock components are ready to ship immediately for instant gratification. B-Stock inventory is extensive and varied from bolt-on two-into-one systems, to True Dual Cholos for your custom Softail. No matter what particular Samson exhaust style or component you may be searching for, you will find it in B-Stock!

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