S-763 Sturgis end cap rev 2AROLLING THUNDER MUFFLERS

Samson’s  Rolling Thunder mufflers are the original “Rolling Thunder” slip-ons that sound so pleasant to the ears of discriminating Harley-Davidson riders.  The low restriction baffles of the Rolling Thunder mufflers allow any Big-Twin motor to breathe like a champion athlete while singing the resonant Samson road song. Properly tuned stock motors can expect up to a 20% increase in both torque and horsepower across the power-band. Consider these muffler to be the sleepers of the street performance scene. They look civilized with their show chrome finish and distinctive Samson/Sturgis engraved end caps, but perform like racing components. Rolling Thunder mufflers are installer friendly requiring simple hand tools for installation. Life is much too short to ride with anything but proven performance Samson pipes. These mufflers perform best when used with Samson S-400, S2-400, and S3-400 high performance head pipes. Rolling Thunder mufflers are available for all Dresser model Harley-Davidson as well as all Indian Big-Twin models. Order yours today! For additional information about this and other world famous, high performance Samson Exhaust products please see your local Samson Exhaust dealer or contact Samson direct by calling 1-888-5 SAMSON.  Rolling Thunder mufflers MSRP starting at $779.95. Are you a Samson rider?

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