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Every so often this question comes up: Why do you ride a Harley-Davidson motorcycle? The traditional answer is “If I have to explain, you wouldn’t understand.” Every so often another question comes up: “Why do You use Samson exhaust pipes?” If I have to explain, you wouldn’t understand is not an appropriate answer for this question. Ask any Samson rider why Samson pipes are on his or her motorcycle, and the answers are varied and emphatic, not necessarily in the following order: Quality, performance, style and shine (chrome). Oh yeah, I almost forgot, loudness in the Samson Exhaust tradition! Get your very own big boom Cannons by contacting your local Samson dealer or by calling Samson direct at 888-5-SAMSON. Samson pipes save lives! Are you a Samson rider? MSRP starting at $399.95.

Cholo Buck

Click here for Samson S3-901 / S2 -901 Cannons

To order direct call (605) 720-7676 and ask for Chola Jen or Cholo Buck!