Silver Bullet Turn Downs

Samson’s high-style Turn-Downs have proven to be one of the most popular muffler designs of all time for Bagger motorcycles. Turn-Downs bounce the exhaust pulses off the road surface announcing your presence to other riders and other motorists alike! Samson pipes save lives! Samson’s  3″ X 29″ M-123’s are equipped with high-flow low restriction baffles for as much as 20 percent increase in rear wheel horsepower while producing a rich baritone sound in the Samson tradition. Harley-Davidson motorcycles equipped with Samson M-123 mufflers produce the rolling thunder sound so desired by American motorcycle riders. Expect improved fuel economy and snappy throttle response with these easy to install slip-on components! For all further information about this and other world famous Samson Exhaust products please see your local Samson Exhaust dealer or contact Samson direct by calling 1-888-5 SAMSON. MSRP starting at $596.95. Are you a Samson rider?