Samson Chopper Longtails

For 1986 to 2011 Harley-Davidson Softail model Motorcycles, 2006 and earlier non fuel injection models require O2 sensor plugs (purchased separately part no. A-164). Also fits 2012-2014 with Drag Specialties Part# DS-1861-0594 18mm to 12mm O2 Sensor Adapter. This is the third generation of the ever popular Big famous Big Guns. BG3 brings the timeless good looks and uniquely American sound Samson is best known for. These pipes are manufactured with seamless one piece heat shields (2) that prevents blueing. When compared to double wall exhaust pipes, integrated shields weigh much less and produce a better sound. Seamless one piece heat shields look good, and broken brackets are a thing of the past. These pipes include integrated smooth flowing baffles that deliver a deep rumble and assure the tuning requirements of today’s motors. BG3’s are stepped pipes which go from 1″ to 2″ and improve the flow of hot exhaust gases. BG3’ are ready to bolt on right out of the box. Integrated 02 sensor ports accept commonly used sensors.

Part #: S2-810