Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are torque cones for?
A: Torque cones are used to create a higher velocity of exhaust flow in the exhaust pipe. This higher velocity generates an increase of torque from the engine. There are two other performance benefits gained from the use of torque cones. One is the creation of velocity, which actually scavenges the exhaust from the exhaust port more efficiently. This assists in evacuating gasses from the engine. The other benefit is that the torque cones help create an anti-reversion effect. This eliminates the tendency for spent gasses to be sucked back into the combustion chamber during the engine’s intake stroke. The value of anti-reversion is a cleaner air fuel burn during combustion and a cooler running engine.

Q: Do I have to rejet with a slip on?
A: In most cases where the slip-on has a baffle no rejetting is necessary. However, you should rejet if you are running a slip on with no baffle.

Q: Do Samson exhausts contain everything needed for installation?
A: Samson pipes are shipped complete with a bracket and hardware kit to make installation easy along with an instruction sheet to walk you through the process. If there is any type of OEM part required we will let you know in the instructions.

Q: Do you offer custom-made exhausts systems?
A: No, unfortunately we do not offer custom exhaust systems. Though the look and feel of many of our systems can fool even the most trained eye into thinking they are custom.

Q: How do your exhaust systems compare with other aftermarket pipes?
A: The looks, installation and quality of our pipes speak for themselves. Samson has the best balance of sound and performance.

Q: I have a 2007 – 2008 Harley. Do I need to do anything to my bike as far as remapping my module is concerned?
A: Not necessarily. Most bikes will not need to be remapped. The new modules for 2007 and 2008 do not need to be remapped. The new modules have a wider self adjustment. If more modifications are performed on the bike remapping may be required.

Q: I have a fuel injected bike, 2006 or earlier. Will I need to remap my module?
A: Not necessarily. Most modules will remap themselves to adjust to the free flowing pipes without other modifications. If other modifications are made you may need to remap your module.

Q: Is rejetting required with your exhausts?
A: Samson does recommend rejetting with our exhaust systems if it has not been done previously

Q: What are Baffles for?
A: Baffles are generally used to reduce the sound level of the exhaust note. The secondary value of baffles is that they help created back pressure in the exhaust system. Back pressure helps the engine create torque. The narrower the inner diameter of the baffle, the more back pressure, therefore the higher torque value. Very high performance engines may not require as much exhaust back pressure restrictions created by baffles.

Q: What are the advantages of the True Dual Crossover System?
A: Models are equipped with factory installed left and right factory exhaust are equipped with a connector pipe which connect the front and rear cylinder exhaust pipes. This exhaust configuration is a contributor to excessive exhaust back pressure on the right side muffler. 100% of the exhaust from the front pipe and about 70% of the rear pipe are being forced through the right side muffler. This means that the left side exhaust is more cosmetic than functional. Only about 30% of the exhaust flow and exhaust note comes from the left side muffler. About 70% of the exhaust flow and heat exits through the right side pipe and muffler. The Samson True Dual Crossover system eliminates the connector pipe found in stock systems; this means that each cylinder has its own separate exhaust pipe. This allows for a much more free flowing exhaust from each cylinder to each muffler. Therefore, the Samson True Dual Crossover System greatly increases torque and horsepower.

Q: What causes bluing and/or discoloration?
A: The main cause of bluing and/or discoloration is the result of improper tuning, cam timing, engine timing, jetting, overheating etc. Small diameter mufflers can also blue and/or discolor due to the heat generated by their size. It is not caused by defective manufacturing.

Q: What is my warranty?
A: All merchandise manufactured by Samson is guaranteed against manufacturing defects for a period of ONE year from the date of invoice. Caliber exhausts systems have a TWO year warranty. Samson makes no warranty as to any type of sound or pitch. Discoloration is caused by tuning characteristics, cam timing, carburetor jetting, overheating, etc., and is not caused by defective manufacturing therefore there will be no warranty on exhaust pipes and mufflers with regards to discoloration. Samson will not warranty any product that shows customer neglect or abuse, rust will not be covered. Samson will not warranty any product that has been modified by any operation, abuse or any other misuse of the product. All Samson exhaust systems are designed to fit on stock motorcycles, fitment on custom motorcycles is not assured. Any and all Samson exhaust systems that have been mounted to a motorcycle other than for its original intent will not be covered through warranty. Warranties will be honored by Samson with the direct purchaser only. All warranty related issues require the end purchaser to deal with the dealership where the product was purchased. If you purchased directly from Samson you may call Samson directly for assistance. Samson reserves the right to replace, or issue credit for defective merchandise at our discretion. There will be a minimum 15% restocking fee on all returned merchandise. No credit will be issued for labor and other costs incurred beyond the cost of the original product. Proof of purchase such as original invoice must accompany all warranty claims. A Return Authorization number must be issued before merchandise is returned for a warranty claim. Defective merchandise must be sent to Samson freight prepaid. Upon inspection and determination of a valid claim, Samson will replace the defective merchandise and return it via ground shipment.

Q: What is your Sinister Black finish?
A: Sinister high temp metallic ceramic coating was designed to provide ultimate adhesion and corrosion protection capable of 2500 degrees. Sinister black also retains heat inside the pipe to maximize power whereas the outer surface remains much cooler for an improved ride for both the rider and the passenger.

Q: What type of finishes do you offer for your products?
A: We offer an exclusive “Quad Chrome” show finish for our products. This finish comes from the highest quality chroming process in existence. We also offer the Sinister Ceramic Black finish for many of our most popular pipes.

Q: Where can I purchase Samson products?
A: You can receive our products nation and world wide through your favorite distributors, dealers or even directly from us.

Q: Will the installation of Samson Exhausts increase the performance of my motorcycle?
A: With proper tuning all Samson exhaust systems will increase power. Samson suggests proper tuning with the installation of any engine accessory.