Cody Stahl and the El Nightster

Bike building and customizing has been an art for well over 50 years. This craft became exceptionally prominent during the 1960’s and 70’s, and many of the techniques and styles we see today, are inspired by ideas from the past. Today, we see many famous bike builders in the spotlight that have made or customized tremendously beautiful motorcycles, however, when it comes to the everyday motorcyclist, we don’t see much of what they have been able to do.

Allow us to introduce Cody Stahl, a factory worker and a volunteer firefighter with a very classy self-customized Nightster. With a limited budget, Cody made some fantastic customizations to his stock HD Nightster utilizing very basic tools and materials.

nightster cody

First change was the paint job. Using a 20 lbs air compressor and standard PPG equipment found at the local paint shop, Cody was able to lay down a beautiful single stage white paint in a makeshift paint room in his garage. For racing stripes he used a carbon fiber vinyl and knifeless tape to achieve his desired pattern. For the text on the tank a vinyl cutting machine was used.


Most importantly after paint was getting rid of the stock exhaust. Stock exhaust on Harley’s prevent the motorcycle from having it’s true sound performance. Cody reached out to Samson Exhaust’s President, Stan Price, and asked a favor to use the company tube bending machine to make unique headpipes for El Nightster. An arrangement was made and Cody walked away with not only perfectly bent and finished headpipes, but muffler wrap to match his carbon fiber and a prototype of Samson’s new universal Dos Granadas mini slipons.

Nightster angle

Next, Cody swapped the stock footpegs, gas and oil caps with Willie G replacements, and pushed forward the stock handlebars for a unique look and to accommodate his lengthy arms. His mirrors are mounted under the handlebars for a tall rider and a preferred visual appearance.

nightster samson

Finally, Cody side mounted his license plate to be a little bit different. In the future he plans to install LED lights under his fenders.