For Immediate Release: 51” Longtail 5150 Cholo Locos

51" FL5-562

Has Samson Exhaust finally crossed the line? The king of fishtails has announced 51” Longtail 5150 Cholo Locos for all Softail and Touring models, including the new 2017 Milwaukee 8 equipped Harley Davidson models.

You’d have to be some sort of crazy to bolt pipes like this on your ride, hence the name “5150s” (Danger to property, danger to others, and danger to themselves…)

Order your set of 5150’s Samson direct or from your local Harley dealer and turn your bike into the ultimate lowrider today.

Starting at $449.95

Toll free 888-5-SAMSON | info@samsonusa.com

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