Kenny Price, CEO and Founder

Kenny PriceKenny Price, founder of Samson Inc, located in Sturgis, South Dakota, is the inventor and leading innovator of numerous patented and high-performance exhaust systems for Harley Davidson and Metric Cruiser motorcycles. From his humble beginnings as a teenager in the early 60’s, Kenny’s aspiration was to tweak more power out of his 56’Vespa. He graduated to a 650 Triumph Bonneville a couple years later. Then in 1969 he bought his first Harley, a 65 Panhead, which he still owns today. After Kenny’s friends saw how well his 1965 Panhead looked and performed with its newly fabricated pipes, they had him make pipes for their bikes. This was done with raw tubing welded together with an acetylene torch and coat hangers as welding wire. It was not long thereafter that Kenny was making pipes for many of his friends and their friends motorcycles. While working at Cheatah Choppers in 1969 he was nicknamed “The Fabricator” which was followed by “The Godfather of Pipes” soon after. Today, Samson Motorcycle Products, Inc. continues to design and manufacture innovative exhaust products where Kenny is involved in every aspect of pipes made at Samson. Samson still exists as a family owned business that has an enthusiast mindset and genuine passion and connection in the motorcycle industry. “From the very beginning we set out to build the very best motorcycle exhaust systems. We designed every aspect of our company to do just that, and we’ve succeeded. Our belief is simple. Our customers, when it’s all said and done, want a company that puts quality before quantity. And here we are still doing what we do best.” “The Godfather of Pipes” Kenny Price ”

Kenny Price
‘The Godfather of Pipes’

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