Samson Flange Kit

Hi Strength Flanges Replace OEM Items!

Whenever an exhaust system swap is made, it is highly recommended that new exhaust flanges and exhaust clips be used to ensure the best seal possible at the exhaust port. If you’re spending good money on an exhaust system, new flanges and clips are a good bet. Exhaust flanges and clips are subject to a great deal of heat under normal motor operation and lose some of their strength and integrity over time. The Samson flange kit comes with two performance-grade exhaust pipe clips, two show-chromed reduced thickness flanges, and four serrated nuts. The reduced thickness flanges are stronger than stock, resist heat fatigue, and are easier to install than the OE items. Get yours from Samson. Chrome plated steel flange kit, with serrated exhaust nuts for all Harley Davidson Motorcycles, 100% made in USA.

Samson Part number: A-130