Staggered longtails for indian

Staggered longtails for indian

Pride. Performance. Attitude.

These are the characteristics that differentiate motorcyclists from any other automotive enthusiasts. The Indian Scout is no exception, and with Samson’s new line of exhaust equipped, your Scout will look and sound better than any other on the road.

IN-165 Chopper Longtails Indian Scout

Bolt Samson’s new Chopper Longtails right onto your stock headpipes and achieve a traditional Chopper style for your techno-retro Indian Scout. Chopper Longtails give your Indian Scout the beefy rumble the stock exhaust lacks and increases horsepower and torque. Or if you choose to make your Scout have a deafening roar, unscrew the removable Longtail Tips and slide out those baffles to have a free flowing straight pipe that will deafen innocent bystanders.

IN-166 Indian Scout Cannons

For those looking for something a bit different than the classic Samson Longtail style, the traditional straight Cannons are available to provide a very pleasing parallel aesthetic. Easily insert or remove your torque baffles to drastically lower or increase the decibel level of your exhaust.


  • Drastically Improved Sound Quality
  • Removable Torque Baffles Included
  • Removable Longtails Included (Chopper Longtail Set Only)
  • Up to 20% More Horsepower and Torque
  • Unique Look and Design Found Only at Samson

MSRP Starting at $449.95

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