Torque Cones

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  • Sold in pairs
  • Easily Sandwiched Between the Pipe and Head
  • Improves gas mileage
  • Installer Friendly
  • Produces up to 20% or More Horsepower and Torque
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Tapered Torque Cone, Full Radius Sides Create Uniform Air Flow and Less Reversion. The torque cones also give an anti-reversionary effect as well as increasing velocity in the exhaust pipe. This is why it has been proven torque cones really do work. Kenny Price, the owner at Samson, Invented this devise many years ago knowing the larger diameter exhaust at the time suffered from low velocity. The Samson torque cones were invented using old time rocket science where the gasses are constricted evenly and expelled evenly but a much better rate of speed which is the velocity of the exhaust. The smooth bore of the torque cones do not interrupt flow so are a very real functioning performance part. The engines that do not need the torque cones would be a hemi head engine like the shovelhead engines. All others with the squish method of compression benefit well with torque cones.

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