Kenny Price, founder of Samson Exhaust, is the inventor and leading innovator of numerous patented high-performance exhaust systems. His beginnings were humble – he was just a teenager whose only aspiration was to tweak more power out of his 1956 Vespa. Kenny’s experience with building pipes started with building his own chopper, but when his friends saw how well that turned out, they asked him to build pipes for their bikes, too. It wasn’t long before he was building exhausts for many bikes in the area and earned his nickname the “Godfather of Pipes.”

For many years, riding was the most important thing to Kenny – whether or not he had a job was less important than where his next ride would take him. He’d even go so far as to call in to work with “Motorcycle Fever,” telling his employer he’d be better by tomorrow.

By the late 80’s Kenny’s annual trips to Sturgis got him interested in getting back into the motorcycle industry. Since pipes were a natural for him he came up with several new innovative designs. In 1988 Kenny bought some old worn-out tubing equipment out of the backdoor of a place that was in Chapter 11 bankruptcy for pennies on the dollar and Samson was born. Kenny started to accumulate quite a collection of old, unique, and obscure motorcycles. This collection of old bikes became a false feather in Kenny’s hat. He had the bikes in his personal bike room at his manufacturing plant, but they were rarely shared. When the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum opened so did the doors of opportunity to share some old iron.

Kenny has been and continues to be one of the largest contributors of motorcycles to the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum & Hall of Fame. Kenny’s devotion to the motorcycle community and particularly to the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum will never waver. It’s a life-long passion which will never die.

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